About the North American Maple Syrup Council

NAMSC’s Vision
For all sugarmakers to consistently and sustainably produce high quality maple products.

NAMSC’s Mission
To be a leading advocate and resource for maple associations and their members, working to ensure that sugarmakers have the tools and support needed to sustainably produce high quality products.

Who we are
The North American Maple Syrup Council, Inc. (NAMSC) is an international network of maple syrup producer associations representing sixteen commercial maple producing US States and Canadian Provinces. Each member state or provincial association appoints a delegate and alternate delegate to the Council to represent their local interests and participate in the organization’s governance.

NAMSC is a nonprofit organization established with the purpose of bringing together industry leaders, researchers and affiliated industry groups to share common interests, experience and knowledge for the betterment of the maple syrup industry. The NAMSC began as the National Maple Syrup Council in October 1959 and has grown and expanded over the years to serve the needs of its membership and industry.

What we do
Communication and Networking
As a trade association, NAMSC serves as a network facilitator for all of its member organizations. We provide opportunities for association leaders to share ideas and resources, connect them to educational and research opportunities, and support our association members in growing their own organizations and serving their sugarmaker members. The Council also communicates and collaborates regularly with other industry organizations and stakeholders in coordinating efforts and addressing industry issues.

NAMSC Conference & Annual Meeting
NAMSC holds an annual meeting and conference each year, where delegates participate in organizational governance and development. These meetings attract researchers and educators who offer presentations on their work on behalf of the industry, so that NAMSC members can gather that information and use it to support their sugarmaker members.

Promote the Development and Funding of Maple Research & Education
The NAMSC Research and Education Fund is a volunteer-managed project that raises funds and disperses them through a competitive grant process as seed money for universities, institutions and member associations that perform maple research or education, as well as through grants made to member associations to develop programs and materials to help disseminate best practices and practical skills trainings. The Fund has given out more than $1 million in grants over 35 years, catalyzing research that has been instrumental to the growth and success of the maple industry.

The Maple Syrup Digest is the official publication of the North American Maple Syrup Council and has been published quarterly for more than 50 years. The Digest provides information including industry reports, research findings, state and provincial events, and information on products and services. Past issues of the Digest can be found online at www.maplesyrupdigest.org. Occasional email updates are also sent to association members with timely industry updates and resources.

The North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual iseverything you need to know from tree to table.” For more than fifty years maple producers have depended on and have been well served by this publication which guides the industry in forestry, production, technology, maple markets and more. NAMSC participated in revising the Manual for its 3rd edition, published late in 2022.

The Council also manages mapleresearch.org, a curated online resource for sugarmakers to find the most current and scientifically accurate information for maple production, to help all producers make the best products possible using the most current and most sustainable practices.

Recognition of Maple Industry Leadership
The Richard G. Haas Distinguished Service Award is presented at the NAMSC annual meeting to a leading maple research organization, research professional or Maple Research Alliance Partner in appreciation for their work and/or contributions to the industry.

The Council also presents an annual Special Recognition Award to an individual whose service and dedication to the maple industry and to NAMSC is exemplary.

The Maple Hall of Fame
This prestigious award is presented in recognition of the recipients’ commitment and contributions to the North American maple syrup industry and it is the highest honor the industry offers. Nominations are received and honorees are chosen by the NAMSC Hall of Fame Committee. Awards are presented annually at a maple celebration in May at the International Maple Museum Centre in Croghan, NY. The inductees’ plaques, photos and their biographies are on display at the Museum in the North American Maple Syrup Council Room.

The future of NAMSC
Planning & Development

NAMSC strategic planning initiatives began in 2000 with the adoption of a comprehensive strategic plan in 2004, regular updates in subsequent years, and a full revision in 2021. The 2021 review led to a significant commitment to greater staffing capacity with the goal of increasing programming and service to the industry.