The North American Maple Syrup Council represents the maple syrup industry. Official membership is the sixteen commercial maple syrup producing states and provinces within the U.S. and Canada.

The board of directors, which governs the Council, is comprised of one Delegate (or Alternate Delegate) from each state and province. Delegates are appointed annually and are empowered to conduct the affairs of the Council. Each member state or province is entitled to one vote.Other membership categories include Life Members and Associate Members. These members may or may not be maple syrup producers. The Associate members are comprised of affiliated industry groups, industry-related businesses and individuals. The officers, delegates or alternate delegates of the NAMSC are unpaid volunteers.


In accordance with Article II of the Council’s Constitution and By-laws the Council’s stated purpose is to:

  1. Promote the best interests of all maple syrup producers.
  2. Establish standards and integrate industry standards of maple syrup and its derived products.
  3. Facilitate research in the chemistry and technology of maple sap and syrup and their derived products; improve syrup processing methods, equipment and labor requirements; improve packaging methods.
  4. Promote research in maple orchard management to: improve tree stands and yields of sap per tap hole and per acre; improve tree species and methods for propagation; develop methods for controlling insects and diseases damaging to maple trees.
  5. To promote research to expand the markets for maple products.
  6. Create a unified effort among the various groups represented on the Council.
  7. Cooperate at all times with other organizations promoting the maple syrup industry.

The Council publishes The Maple Syrup Digest and manages the NAMSC Research Fund.